CarnEvil is a 3D virtual reality horror experience in which the user can play a choice of four carnival based games.

The experience is set in a burned down old carnival site populated by the souls of the carnival owners, which appears every one hundred years to entertain the dead who dwell on earth.

The user's main goal is to complete the carnival games such as Head Toss, Greedy Clown, Spinning Victim, Heart-Ball within a time frame and achieve highscores.

Back Story

It all started one fateful night in 1790 while the carnival troupe were travelling through Romania, there was a mysterious fire which engulfed the carnival and its performers while they slept. This coincidentally was on same day as the Ringmasters birthday. The Ringmaster promised with his last dying breath, that he would return to entertain the dead.

Ever since then, The Ringmasters CarnEvil has appeared every 100 years on the 21st June, for 1 night only from dusk until dawn.

It is rumoured that a tiny island appears in the black sea off the east coast of Romania and is the home of this experience.

Only very few living humans have ever been to this experience and after years of research you have an idea of where it could be.

You were right.

If you are wanting to download the game you can at itch.

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